The creators of Food People are offering virtual field trips for public schools in 2021!

Hang out behind the scenes with the creative team of the first-ever animated sitcom cooking show and learn all about how cartoons are made!

Teachers can choose one or more experiences that focus on different areas of production, like art, music, sound effects, animation, foods, performing and more!

ALL of our experiences:

  • include live interactive exhibits
  • are educational AND fun
  • have age-appropriate sessions for primary or secondary students
  • take place remotely over Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, etc


#1) Music, Audio, and Sound FX

  • Learn the importance of sound effects in cartoons
  • Make sound effects together as a group
  • Learn how to make and record different sounds at home
  • Play around with music and cartoon voices
  • Create Food People keepsake video for each class
Example keepsake video: Ms. K’s 6th Grade Health Class. On day two of our workshop, students first watched the above video without sound. Together they selected a pre-made piece of music, wrote a line for the character, and created all sound fx – remotely over Google Meet – during our field trip session.

#2) Art, Characters, and Animation

  • learn how animated characters are made
  • virtual tour of our animation studio
  • see the equipment and software used to create Food People
  • explore how characters are created and brought to life through a series of progressive stages
  • Discuss the differences in creative vs technical drawing
  • Explore virtual “puppets” and create new “mini scenes” for keepsake video

#3) Writing, Performing, and Storytelling

  • Watch episodes together – OR – class/group reading of “Grilled Cheese” school-adapted script
  • Learn about voice acting and how character voices are created
  • Explore how facts and research can inspire a fictional food character
  • QA Session with cast members and creative team

*Sessions run about 50 min (tailored to your class age/length). Combo sessions are also available and can be spread out over hours or days based on class setup. Length, category, focus points, and age specifics are selected at the discretion of each teacher and will be discussed during scheduling.

Email for scheduling and questions!