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Crush Media proudly presents FOOD PEOPLE: the world’s first-ever all-ages international animated cooking show made during quarantine!

Well… probably. Right?

Food People is a fully-animated, story-based sitcom about what our foods are, where they come from, and how they can all work together to become part of a bigger recipe.

The idea was first stirred up by Kansas City’s own Brodie Rush, actor, animator, musician, and longtime front-man of his band, Be/Non. He teamed up with writer/actor Cori Anne Weber in 2018, and they’ve been dreaming about producing Food People ever since…

Brodie and Cori working on pilot episode

But tragedy struck in Oct 2019 when Brodie suffered an aortic dissection and found himself just minutes away from death. Two emergency open heart surgeries, 6+ months of recovery, and one global pandemic later, and he’s back – even stronger than before – this time with a plan he cooked up to feed the world.

Brodie Rush, then and now.

Each episode of Food People begins with a new type of food landing in the fridge.

By the end, you’ve automatically discovered what ingredients are needed to make a recipe based on which characters are featured in that story. Through their crazy adventures, pop culture references, and completely predictable food puns, you’ll end up learning all about each food and the “bigger recipe” they’re going after.

BUT – our characters won’t be showing you how to cook the food, because their story always ends with YOU: home videos of our Souper Fans making these recipes in their very own kitchens.

Our goal is to relate to every child and adult, no matter who they are or where they live in this world, and remind them how food shapes our lives and brings us together as humans. Because just as the past, present, and future of ALL foods are equally important, the same is also true for ALL people.

The production also features a special celebrity guest – Jerry Torre, star of the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens – as well as Brodie, Cori, and 30+ professional actors from Kansas City, Chicago, L.A., and Orlando.

But they aren’t just “actors”. They’re also school teachers, bank managers, massage therapists, students, animal rescuers, food truck owners, and more! We’ll also be featuring the artwork, comics, and animations of the kids in our community and integrating those segments as permanent pieces in our show structure.

Food People‘s Kickstarter Campaign launched on October 1, 2020. We will have until November 1st to raise the money needed to produce Episodes 1-3 and get stipends to our artists all over KC and across the country. Anyone who donates to the campaign will receive a digital download of all 3 Episodes – the first two in November 2020 – but they will not be posted online for streaming until 2021. If our campaign is successful, we will immediately begin producing Episode Three (available March 2021) and launch our next campaign to continue funding the full series.

Even if you can’t donate, PLEASE share our Kickstarter campaign to help us reach a bigger audience!


FOOD PEOPLE (view our cast announcements HERE)
with celebrity guest Jerry Torre, “The Marble Faun of Grey Gardens”

Featuring (Pilot Episode):
Michael Dragen as “Juicebox”
Rosie Moon as “Sharp Cheddar Cheese”
Kristen Altoro as “Salt”
Cori Anne Weber as “Onion”
Natalee Merola as “Squash”
Rashid M. Bey as “Orange” and “Wheat Bread Twin 2”
Raheem Fielder-Bey as “Garlic” and “Wheat Bread Twin 1”
Nick Padgett as “Butter”
Te’ Minor as “Pineapple”
Brodie Rush as “T-Bone” and “Gravy Boat”
Justin Oettle as “Celery”
Cameron Mabie as “Pickle”
Phil Newman as “Soda”
Mandy Morris as “Strawberry”
Katy Reinsel Willis as “Banana”
Lacy Goettling as “Blueberries” and “Maple Syrup”
John Cleary as “Brock Lee”
Mike Terlouw as “Darrell Beano”
Katie Gilchrist as “BBQ Sauce”
Christoph Nevins as “Butter Pat”
Caitlin Jackson as “Chocolate Milk”, “2% Milk”, and “Glass of Bette Davis Milk”
Kirk Jackson as “Ketchup”
Chuck Pulliam as “Narrator” and “Mystery Crumb”
Necia R Gamby as “Stone Ground Mustard”
Hunter Hawkins as “Hot Dogs” and “Corn”
Andy M Wilson as “Flap Jackson”
Sara Crow as “Baking Soda”, “Baked Potato”, and “Kitchen Lady”
Nova Rush as “Slimey Goop”

Show Rating: all ages
Created by: Brodie Rush

Written, produced, and directed by: Cori Anne Weber and Brodie Rush

Art direction, graphic design, and animation by: Brodie Rush

Original soundtrack by: Brodie Rush, The Grand Marquis, and Cori Anne Weber

Web/Media Design: Cori Anne Weber

Marketing/Press Coordinator: Cori Anne Weber

Contact Information

Press/direct contact:
Cori Anne Weber

FOOD PEOPLE can also be reached via the following channels:

Instagram- @foodpeopletv

Download production photos and promotional videos here