Yes. These are all questions we’ve been asked before. In these exact words.

So, what – is this just like a kid’s thing?

No! This show is for EVERYONE. Yes, kids are absolutely a focus – but we consider all ages, locations, cultures, diets, access to food, etc – anything we can think of when we’re writing. And we are working reeeeally hard to make sure this is truly a show for all. From the easy and obvious puns your littlest ones will love to discover, to the almost-questionable grown up jokes and Ozzy Osborne references, we’re hoping everyone gets on board this crazy food train.

What’s your show about?

At its most basic level, the show is a situational comedy about all the “people” who live in a refrigerator and how they can work together to live their longest, best shelf-lives. It is story-oriented and each episode focuses on the adventure of solving problems in the midst of a lot of different-minded foods.

What’s it rated?

Our show has not received an official rating by ANYONE, nor has it been reviewed for that purpose. That being said, we have kids, we love kids, and there is nothing in this show that wouldn’t be allowed in a Disney film.

Is it fully animated or is there live action?

Food People is fully-animated. Some of our marketing has featured live action shots, but the show itself will all be animation. We might break that rule from time to time, but you can expect a regular animated series.

Does this show teach about nutrition?

Nutrition itself is not the focus of Food People. Knowing where foods come from, how they go together, what they actually are, and what goes into a recipe is the scope of our information. We decided early on in the creation process that we did not want to demonize any food in particular – especially because some children live in food deserts and don’t always have access to what others deem “acceptable”. Those kids deserve a positive experience just as much as the kids whose parents only feed them fresh organic veggies. While we will always be honest about what each food is composed of and what their qualities are, we refuse to make Soda “bad” or portray frozen foods as villains. There are different types of foods and we talk about what they are, that’s it. YOU decide what you want to eat. That part isn’t up to anyone but you.

Do you have any investors or sponsors for your show?

Not yet.


Why don’t you just pitch it to Netflix or something?

Simply put, this is OUR show, and WE want to produce it. We’ve worked on show pitches before. If they get picked up by, say, Netflix, the company buys you off and produces it themselves. There is absolutely NO WAY you would get the show we want you to have if we don’t create it ourselves. If you help fund our budget, we’ll give you something unique and special – the way WE want it to be. And then Netflix or whatever can buy it from us later, after you’ve already fallen in love with it.

Why did you hire so many actors?

On the one hand, we are actors and the majority of our friends are too. Most of them are currently unable to perform or create new shows, and we can’t stand watching it happen. On the other hand, all 30+ of them VOLUNTEERED to work on the pilot because they were so excited about it. How could we NOT use them??

Who is Jerry Torre?

I hope you’re not serious. But if you areā€¦ run – don’t walk – to the nearest streaming service that allows you to immediately watch the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. It examines a small portion of the life story of Big and Little Edie Beale. aunt and cousin to Jackie O – permanent cat ladies. In that movie is a young man named Jerry Torre. About 16 at the time, he was a runaway who found motherly love at the hands of Mrs. Beale. Today, he’s a wonderful artist and storyteller living and working in Manhattan – and we are beyond thrilled to have him in our show!

When will Episode One be available?

If our Kickstarter campaign is successful this October, Episode One will be available in March of 2021.

Yikes – what happens if you don’t get funded?

If we don’t get funded we will NOT produce episode one. We’ll publish the pilot, and that’s the end of it. All these people volunteered their time to make something special, so we’ll see to it that you and their families get to have this pilot episode forever. But we will NOT continue producing the show without a budget.

What happens if you DO get funded?

If we DO get funded, we will continue to create jobs for people in KC and across the country. We will keep going with Kickstarter to get more episodes made, unless we find a better resource for funding (like a great sponsor or investor WINK WINK), until we have finished all ten episodes of Season One. We will eventually move on to Season Two, for which we have plans to learn about international foods and hire writers and actors in other countries. We’ll work on getting this show dubbed in other languages so everyone can enjoy it. We’ll keep involving our fans in the creation of this series and keep showcasing their talents and cooking skills. We’ll keep doing everything we can to make sure people are having fun together in their kitchens.