Can I Donate to Food People?


Donating to Food People is easy! We are proud to be fiscally sponsored by a non-profit organization, From the Heart Productions – which means any contributions made to our project can now be written off on your taxes!

In operation since 1993, From the Heart Productions is one of the top non-profits aiding independent filmmakers whose projects are “making a positive contribution to societyā€¯. They carefully select the films they sponsor, and believe that our project fully aligns with their mission.

As our fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions will administer any funds received in support of Food People, closely monitor our progress, and contribute advice and feedback where needed on fundraising initiatives, trailers, rough cuts, festival submissions, distribution, and outreach strategies.

How to Donate to Food People

You can donate online here

Or by check:

When donating to Food People, please make checks payable to From the Heart Productions, and and write “Food People” on the memo line. Then mail your check to:

From The Heart Productions
6934 Harmon Dr.
Ventura, CA 93003

If you have any other questions, please contact: or

Why Should I Make a Donation?

Food People is more than just a TV show. Our mission to “feed kids around the world a steady diet of truth, inclusion, cultural connection, digital literacy, and the knowledge it takes to feed themselves” is in full swing!

We’re working hard to implement arts integration into schools worldwide using animation, digital technology, and a fridge full of inclusive, relatable characters that provide a safe space for easy learning.

We are still in the early stages of our startup, which is self-produced – and we NEED all the help we can get! Your contributions go toward a number of mission-aligned things, like giving jobs to more artists, donating workshops to schools without arts funding, and bringing classrooms together internationally! Our Virtual Animation Labs help fund the production of the series, and the series is incorporated into our workshops.

In a nutshell, both hands feed each other so everyone can have a piece of cake! Or something like that…