Cori Anne Weber

Cori Anne Weber’s Food People credits:
Producer, Writer, Director, Artist, Actor, Web Designer, Marketing & Social Media Manager, and more
VOICES: Onion, various

I’m a midwestern gal with a passion for storytelling who began singing and acting at age 6 and just kept rollin’ with it. Since then, I’ve also become an artist, writer, editor, published author, and EMT… but there’s one little lifelong dream I’ve never been fortunate enough to manifest: cartoon voices. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing voices. It’s been a built-in part of who I am ever since I was tiny kid talking like Gonzo and Pee-wee Herman (that’s Muppet Babies Gonzo – not regular Gonzo. ) One day in grade school, I learned that I shared a birthday with Mel Blanc, and that was it for me. Dream validated.

When I met Brodie, one of our first-ever conversations was about Food People – and even then I could imagine endless possibilities. Two years later, we were a big, happy, combined family that was trying to recover from Brodie’s aortic dissection – one of the scariest experiences any of us has ever faced. When COVID then hit a few months later, we looked around at all our passion projects going “what’s the most important thing we could do right now?” Hands down, without a doubt, the answer was Food People. So we pretty much went all in and never looked back.

I’m so grateful that Food People has given me the opportunity to combine everything I love doing into one important project – and even more grateful to share it all with my favorite (grown-up) person, our two amazing kids, a backyard veggie garden, and a bunch of cuddly pets. The fact that I also get to create new opportunities for other artists is absolutely the ‘Jerry’ on top of the whole thing!