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JERRY THE MARBLE FAUN lives and works in Queens, NY. He began hand­carving stone in 1987 and has most recently pursued ceramic sculpture. Additionally, Jerry is well known as the Bouvier­-Beales’ handyman from the Maysles brothers’ 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. While living at Grey Gardens, Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier-­Beale gave Jerry the nickname “the Marble Faun,” which Jerry accepted as a fated path to art­making. In addition to sculpting stone, Jerry worked as a gardener for the royal family of Saudi Arabia, with Wayland Flowers and his puppet, Madame, during their cabaret acts in the ’70s, and for twenty years as a taxi cab driver in New York City. Jerry has received widespread recognition and critical praise for his artwork from major outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Observer, Forbes, Vogue, Interview, and Architectural Digest. Jerry in 2018 released his book The Marble Faun of Grey Gardens: A Memoir of the Beales, the Maysles Brothers, and Jacqueline Kennedy. Book by Jerry Torre and Tony Maietta. The book was was nominated for a lambda award in 2019 for best biography.
I am so excited to be joining the cast of ‘Food People!’ Ever since I was a kid I loved doing voices. Giving voices to my stuffed animals, putting on puppet shows, and trying to imitate voices from the shows I loved. At one point I had a pretty solid Kermit the Frog (and therefore also Ernie from Sesame Street) and I sure THOUGHT I had a good Yoda – but I didn’t…. My Dad and I also created a serialized radio drama when I was 7, and he and I voiced all the characters on the show. We had no idea what we were doing – but it was awesome. Anyway, I am so excited to work with this amazing group of talented people, achieve immortality through voicing a cartoon, and hopefully rack up some ‘cool Dad’ points with my children.
I was born in a tiny hamlet named Washington DC. At the age of one, maybe two? who even knows- my family moved to a rural Kansas town to raise cats. Finding little success, we moved on to Germany, Belgium, and finally I had had enough and moved out on my own. Suffice it to say, most of that is a lie. We did live all those places, but I’m just a boring Army brat that couldn’t help picking up accents and voices along the way. I am so happy to be involved in this amazing show, and so excited to be working with people I adore. I may not love all foods equally, so extra thanks to everyone that made it possible for me to be cast as delicious Sharp Cheddar Cheese. I might have turned this down if I’d been cast as Cilantro.
All these flavors and I choose to be salty. Not that Pink Himalayan Salt either. I’m talking Yellow-Raincoat-Girl-Iodized-FULL-sodium-draw-a-circle-of-protection-around-you SALT. NITHE. I can’t figure out if this was a typecast or not [insert questioning emoji….] either way, I’m BEYOND thrilled to be a part of this animated series, dreamed up by two incredibly-not-salty-but-sweet people. My name is Kris and I am in all yo dishes.
“It’s pretty simple, really. Just treat everyone with the same respect, and things will be A-OK. It’s not artichoke heart surgery…” ~Onion
When I was simply a mini-Nat, I would drag my parents into the living room to film me dancing and singing on our fireplace. My parents correctly concluded that I needed to be on stage, so at the age of 3, I made my memorable debut as Mouse.
Fast forward to now! cue sound effects
I’ve performed at a variety of theaters in KC, looking to graduate college this fall, and planning to go to grad school sometime next year. Like many artists, I’ve been itching to do something creative during this time, and now I have that chance! Not only does Food People fit my style, it also aims to educate others about how food can be fun, collaborative, and not scary. As a young woman with insecurities, food more often than not intimidates me rather than excites me. I hope that a project like this can help not only me, but other young people build healthy relationships with food and perhaps SQUASH (hehe) those negative conceptions.
Hey! I’m Rashid. I’m playing one serious citrus and a gluten goober. I must admit that this work has been a deep-rooted dream almost come true. From what I’ve done for the pilot, I’m ecstatic to see this journey unfold and my life dream of voice-acting finally bud. On my own time, I am a videographer, photographer, aspiring writer, and soon-to-be content creator. I like food, I like people, and, so far, I looove Food People.
I’m a 22-year-old senior Musical Theatre major at the University of Central Missouri. Growing up I loved watching cartoons and other animated shows. My favorite voice actors that inspired me to be great included, Dee Bradley Baker, Richard Horvitz, Cree Summer & Charlie Adler. I am so happy to be a part of this experience. Thanks to my family and friends for the support!
You BUTTER believe that I am beyond thrilled to hop in the skillet with this amazing group of FOOD PEOPLE, to create the most delicious entertainment around! Being in the Theatre/Entertainment industry since the age of 6, I have done all the things and worked with all the people, but I am excited for this opportunity to let yet another one of the voices in my head out, to bring to life that character everyone knows and loves, BUTTER! Careful though, I’m addictive, enjoy in moderation!
I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing and talented cast. I have been able to play numerous characters from all different backgrounds in my career, but who knew one of my proudest moments will be playing the cutest pineapple you’ll ever meet?! I’ve been practicing for this moment all my life, a pineapple even burnt my tongue a few weeks ago, and I just knew it was a sign from the food gods. Doing a family friendly project has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I hope people will get a chance to learn a lot from this! Shout out to my two nephews Zyion and Justin who I know will just love this show! I look forward to showing them their uncle in an animated series!
“Call any vegetable, and the chances are good that a vegetable will respond to you.”
~Frank Zappa
I’ve had a love for performance my whole life. I just didn’t realize it was acting until I was shoved into my first play in high school! Since then the performing arts have always just felt like home. From my first stage role in Oliver, to my amazing theatre education at Emporia State, all the way through my graduation from Second City Hollywood’s Conservatory program, my heart will always lie with the performing arts! One of my favorite things has always been mimicking the voices and performances of animated characters. Recently, I decided to dip my toe into voice acting and Food People came along at the perfect time! I’m super pumped to work on such a fun project with such a talented team. Everything’s lining up and I’m so excited to start!
I’ve always grown up being the biggest “dingus dorkus” on the block. Whether that be shakin my groove thang, singing show tunes and Rock n’ Roll, or acting on stage and camera, I have always been a creative being. Performing became such an enormous part of my life that I decided to go to Missouri State University to pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting, and while studying there I have quickly began to discover what makes me…well…ME!
While at school, I came to the realization that cartoons, animation, and children’s programming were extremely formative for me in my childhood years. I didn’t only enjoy watching characters like Buzz Lightyear, Jimmy Neutron, and Kermit the frog, but I also learned valuable life lessons from them as well. I learned how to be a good listener, how to be a good friend, and most importantly I learned how to simply become comfortable with being myself. I wasnt always proud to be the biggest “dingus dorkus” on the block, but characters like Kermit the frog taught me that it wasn’t just “okay”, but it was pretty freggin cool to be myself.
Hello lovers of Food People! My name is Phil, and I have the immense pleasure of providing the voice for the role of Soda. Soda and I have a long, dark, tawdry history. Like most 12 year olds, I was heavily addicted to Dr. Pepper back in the day. I decided one day, very much like Denzel Washington from Flight, I was gonna straighten up and fly right (pun intended), and cut the sauce! I didn’t touch soda for the next 6 years. Then college happened. Yeah. Hello Soda. Welcome back to my life. Please rip up my stomach lining so I can stay up till 2 AM cramming to study. Thanks, Soda. Because of you, I aced my Sociology 101 final. Now, I’m not only an actor about town, but the proud owner of The Tree Hugger Truck : A vegan food truck I own with my best friend and wife of 4 years, Mandy (who just so happens to play Strawberry in this silly little show). Much love to Brodie and Cori for getting this crazy gang together to make people laugh, cry, and want to experiment in the kitchen! Let’s create some chefs!
Hello Food People fans! I’m Mandy and I am so excited to be bringing Strawberry to life! Fun fact: I am extremely allergic to Strawberries, so this is about as close to one as I’ll get.
While I’m not making silly voices, I’m spending my time as the owner of a vegan food truck called The Tree Hugger Truck. I get to share this dream with my handsome hubby Phil, who just so happens to be playing Soda!
I have spent most of my life singing and dancing my way all over the globe, as well as performing at many well known KC theaters. Most recently I’ve had the pleasure to direct and/or choreograph shows at Worlds of Fun, MTH, and New Theatre Restaurant. What a dream! Favorite hobbies? Oh you know, the usual. Cooking, fostering kitties, and watching horror movies… I have been so lucky to do what I love in life, especially during these unknown times. So thank you to Cori and Brodie for giving us this amazing opportunity to keep our creative juices flowing…or soda flowing? I’ll just leave it at that.
Hi, from sunny Florida! I’m Katy with a “Y”
It has always been my dream to voice an animated character, and although I have performed Off Broadway, on a Disney Cruise Ship, in theme parks, in promotional videos for Disney and had many other adventures, I have never made that dream come true. To quote Rafiki “It is time”. My dream is finally becoming a reality. I am so excited to go back to my roots performing with amazingly talented friends from my home town of KC and beyond. I can’t wait to bring to life the Sweet and Sassy Banana with all her Southern Charm and Tenacity.
A special shout out to my two boys who make this Momma proud every day. They remind me how important following your dreams is and how impactful that example can be on the next generation. I am looking forward to learning more about cooking with all of my Food People Pals. For now I gotta “Split”! See y’all on the Counter!
Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been this loud, firecracker of a person. I think anyone you’d ask they’d say, “Oh, Lacy Goettling? Her energy? A LOT.” In middle school I always tried to cap my weirdness until I found the performing arts. A place where I can be 100% me AND make people laugh? Sign me up every time! I really found myself in comedic roles, and for someone going through the most awkward stages of her life, they were/are heaven. I somehow nudged my way into the professional world of theatre immediately after high school, and now here I am entering my last year at The University of Central Missouri studying a BFA in musical theatre. I realized there’s nothing more I want to do in life but spread joy and laughter while embracing my little bit of crazy.
In almost every role I’ve played I’ve changed an element to my voice: Alice Beineke” in The Addams Family, “Penny Pingleton” in Hairspray, “Janet Weiss” in The Rocky Horror Show, etc. Manipulating the voice has always been my schtick with how I develop a character. I ended up realizing that I love voices and voice acting is my endgame. Broadway is a goal, but voice acting is IT. When I was fourteen, I was obsessed with Tara Strong (Timmy Turner, Ben Ten, Bubbles, Raven, etc). I spent hours trying to find my own voices and I still use them today in the most random parts of my days. One second I’m asking you to grab me a pen in a British accent, and the other I’m saying “thank you” in dog whistle. What I’m trying to say is, the fact that I got this opportunity with “Food People” when I never even knew how to get into the voice acting business (I just merely loved it) is so incredibly exciting. I am so thankful and so ecstatic to continue to be weird while creating joy! I feel like I’m right where I need to be and if that’s voicing a fruit to help families come together with food, I’M ALL FOR IT! Anything can become a reality – and now I’m one of many blueberries, so there you have it. Embrace your weirdness and eat your fruits and veggies! 🙂
Still just trying to wrap my mind around this one. Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to be in a cartoon. Is anything cooler than a cartoon? Now I get the chance to help originate a character, and help bring to life a new set of stories with the smartest and most creative people I know. I am thrilled, and having an absolute blast. I think this bio was supposed to be funnier but I’m just feeling the feels, man.
Everyone poops. There’s even a book that says so. But still, and unfortunately, this basic human function remains a topic outside polite conversation – relegated, if you will, to the bowels of “potty talk.” And that’s why I’m flush with pride to voice the character of “Darrell Beano,” who with his sidekick “Brock Lee” forms “The Porcelain Punishers” – a duo dedicated to celebrating the gut-pounding power of a good poop. No shame. No guilt. No holding back. This is a message begging to be released on the world – a world that feels at times like things are really going down the toilet. But Darrel and Brock are not afraid to “give a crap.” They will “waste” no time “doing their business” – all in the service of discharging the rancid gas of impropriety that has settled around this topic. They are highly trained professionals, having earned their BM degrees with “di-stink-tion.” As their teacher “Master Mocha*” once counseled his young “poo-dawans” Darrell and Brock: “Doo-doo or doo-doo not. There is no try.” Those are the inspirational words we all need to hear today.
Pees out, my friends.
PS: This song takes on a whole new meaning for me now:
*interesting tidbit: coffee stimulates the digestive system
I am the savory. I am the sweet. I am the bubbling boil of brown sugar on your meat. Or fries. Or jackfruit. I’ve always wanted to be unnecessarily saucy, and now my dreams have come true. Pour me all over your tasty turkeys, slather me on your sizzling slabs, rub me on your beautiful briskets.
Sauce it up, babies.
I am Christoph and this is my weird voice you’ll be hearing occasionally. I’m a local KC actor by night and full-time Costco boy by day. I hope I can help butter you up to some good ole Irish fun even on this side of the pond. So Top o’tha mornin’ to ya and keep an eye out for Ole Butter Pat!
I’m gonna milk this cartoon voice over work for all it’s got (milk?) to offer!
Originally from Indiana and now a Chicagoan for the last 23 years, I’m a singer/actor who really enjoys the opportunity to make food-based puns! I am incredibly excited to be a part of Food People and for the opportunity to work with my best pal, Cori, Brodie and the rest of the Food People crew!
I’m super excited to marry my love for voicing fun characters with my love for tomato-based sauces. I’ve never played a condiment before, but I’ve been late enough times in my life to know what it’s like to have to “Ketchup”. I also like really stupid puns, and I’m very thankful for the chance to bring my sense of fun from the Chicago stage to the world of hilarious animation.
I’m a massage practitioner in private practice and the owner of Heartland Massage and Bodywork Center. I also founded and directed the Heartland School of Massage from 1988-1996 and have studied and incorporated Shiatsu, trigger point technique, lomi-lomi and a host of other philosophies and techniques into my massage style. I’m an avid reader and especially love science fiction.
I was surprised and thrilled to be invited to read for this production. To have been chosen, to voice along side the amazingly talented actors in this crew and to play my favorite stone ground brown mustard too, I’m just over the moon!
I always have trouble writing these biographies because there’s so little to say and so little space to say it in. I always feel like I should come up with some kind of unique witticism, but in order to do that I’d probably have to steal something, and I was brought up by parents who told me I should never steal. However, I did have a design professor in graduate school who said, “It’s ok to steal someone else’s design ideas because all designers do it. The important thing is, make sure it’s a good idea.” In other words if you are going to steal an idea, don’t steal crap. So, for purposes of this bio, I’m going to steal a quote from William Shakespeare…or maybe it’s Groucho Marx, I’m not sure it matters because they probably stole it from someone else.
“There’s only one way to find out if a man is honest—ask him. If he says ‘yes,’ you know he’s a crook.” But seriously, “the secret of life is honesty and fair dealing…if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” Those are my principles. If you don’t like them I have others.
Thank you very much…”I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.”
What attracts me most to any project is when I can see the passion someone has for it. When I saw the fervor with which Brodie and Cori were approaching Food People, I knew I had to weasel my way in. It just makes me so happy to be around people that care about something. Plus, I get to work with a CAST LIKE THIS ONE!
It may sound corny (ha) but all I really want in life is to do things that make people happy. It is what brought me to my day job at the Kansas City Public Library, what drives me to participate in the arts, and what magnetized me to Food People. I may not always know where my life is going to take me, but what I do know is that I want to make you happy. I hope that I do <3
I am absolutely tickled beyond belief to be joining the incredibly talented cast of Food People! I’m essentially a career salesman for the last 30 years with a long dormant artist/musician/comedian living inside me that’s been killing me slowly to get back out. I started doing voice impressions at a very early age, mimicking the voices I’d hear on the radio and tv at the time…Nixon…Carter…Reagan…Goofy…Elmer Fudd…Dick Cavett, to name a few. My first actual voice work for an (involuntary) audience was calling phone pranks in the golden days before caller ID became ubiquitous. At 18, I found I could be paid to “prank” people through telemarketing. Over time, I became very skilled at convincing strangers to see things my way over the phone and before I knew it, I’d completely put my dreams in storage in pursuit of financial stability through sales. In that time, I was able to do a few voice jobs for various company hold recordings or trade show videos, nothing really fun, but enough to know that voice work is what I’d really like to be doing. I’d all but given up on the idea of really doing anything besides sales when Brodie Rush started posting about Food People. It has been more than a quarter century since Rick and I have recorded music or shared a job using silly voices together. Ever since I first met Rick, he’s always had a vision that he’s exhaustively making a reality. He’s the most determined and outside-the-box creative person I’ve ever met. Back then it was all about music and now it appears it’s everything! I already feel like I’m part of a family that’s going to grow and become something incredible and am thrilled to get to be Flapjacks today…and who knows, perhaps I can be left-overs in the future as well!
I have always enjoyed two things; entertaining people and potatoes. So it is a true honor to be cast as this stud spud- Baked Potato. Remember kids, it’s cool to get baked, just not shredded.
I am an 8-year-old girl and I lOOve slime so I be slime. I wanted to be in the show now i get to be in it. I am good at voices and i have read it 2 times FULLY but I can maybe I CAN DO YOUR VOICE!! I have watched spider man in to the spiderveirse and im OBSEST WITH IT and i draw COOL STUFF. WAAAAIIIT!!!! I MADE MY OWN ANAMAITION YOU CAN SEE IT SOON!!! tell me if i should make more.OOOOOOKKKKKKKKKAAAAAA?!?!?Anywayyy, I think you can draw MEEEEP!!! BYE HAVE A GOOD LIFE
Lemme tell ya, a good 50% of my childhood memories involve either food or cartoons. Most often, they were enjoyed together. So it is quite thrilling to be a part of a project in which I can become both. I spent countless hours as a kid watching Cartoon Network and Animation Domination, quoting all of my favorite moments, and trying my best match their voices. Though voice acting is an art medium I have grown so attached to, it has never been something I believed possible to take in part in until now. Not only do I get to make such a forlorn dream come true, but I get to work with such a talented group of artists on a project I know I can be proud of.
It might be CHEESY but I AMERICAN’t wait to get started! 😂😠 Laugh.
I’m a producer, director, writer and voice-over actor. Brodie and I have sung many karaoke duets together, as well as collaborated on the animation series “Scurvyville”. I’m very pleased to be part of Food People, but it makes me constantly hungry.
As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a gangster.
Since I’m not really cut out for that kind of life, that never really panned out for me. I’ve always enjoyed performing for others; whether it’s been singing, acting, playing an instrument, or telling jokes. I love to talk to people in silly voices and goofy accents, so when I heard about the opportunity to collaborate on this project, I knew I had to jump at the chance. I’ve been friends with Brodie for years and between his creative vision, my love of performance, and my passion for cooking, this all just seemed like such a perfect fit for me. I’m so happy to be a Food People and I can’t wait to see where this goes!

Coming soon: