Brodie Rush

Brodie Rush’s Food People credits:
Creator, Producer, Writer, Director, Composer, Animator, Graphic Artist, Sound and Video Editor, and more
VOICES: T-Bone, Gravy Boat

There were two things that always inspired me as a kid: rock and roll and food. I’ve ALWAYS been around food. Who hasn’t right? But for ME, food and music go together like Godley & Creme. My mom catered rock concerts for 13 years when I was growing up, so hanging around rock stars was actually kind of normal for me.

In my teens, I formed my own rock band, Be/Non. Like most entertainers, I was no stranger to working in restaurants – and over the years I ended up playing music with many a co-worker. There is even a song on our first LP called, “Kitchen Worker”. Featured in that song is a 90s-style montage of kitchen sounds from the actual restaurant where that line-up met and worked together. You see where this is going don’t you?

Flash forward two decades, and I have a new idea for an animated show. While the show idea itself has only been marinating a few years, what we’re finally producing has been a long time coming. In October 2019 I had two emergency open-heart surgeries that completely changed (and saved) my life. I made a list of what is important to me, and this project landed at the top.

When COVID-19 hit during my recovery only 5 months later, so many people were home making food together that I couldn’t even find flour or yeast at the store! At that time, it became clear that the world was finally ready for this lil food baby I’ve been stewing in my brain. Thank you all for your support of this show and of my family.

Now go and take a bite out of…